Viewer Feedback!!!

Feel free to leave comments as well! I would love to hear what my viewers think about my blog even if it’s good or bad! Thank you for voting/commenting. I hope you enjoy the blog!

11 comments on “Viewer Feedback!!!

    • I actually haven’t seen that movie yet, after reading the review I am very interested in it. I will watch it and write a review. Thank you for the kind words!

  1. What do you think of foreign horror, especially the much more contemporary films (Let the Right One In, Dead Snow, Ringu, Martyrs, Triangle, The Descent, etc)?

    • Haven’t seen any of them, I will get to them though. Have a lot of movies I want to review, but if you have a specific movie you would like reviewed id be happy to review it!

  2. Really nice blog. Good to see about horror movies me and my fiancee love them. Its so hard to find a good one nowadays nothing like the classics. Also off topic question how did you get the custom background and stuff on here? Im guessing a purchase of just the custom design option? Any who really good work.

  3. Hi Matthew, how exciting to see your blog has expanded exponentially. Just read you created an app for it. Would love to know how you went about doing that! So glad you discovered a love of blogging in my class.

    • Hey Mrs. Jacobson, I started blogging a lot after your class and honestly love every second of it. You taught me so much about blogging and all that other good stuff and I just want to thank you for making that class fun for the students, everything is much simpler when you actually enjoy what you’re doing.
      As for the app, I went to a website called appmakr
      It wasn’t that hard, all I had to do was insert links to all my sites and just put pictures and choose the icons I wanted. I did it for my Intro to E-Business class, my professor told me that I should also try to create an app on appinventor, but I tried to create one their and just couldn’t, it was pretty complicated. Would of been nice to get the app in the Google play store, but for know it will just have to suffice on the appmakr market, but luckily people can download my app onto their androids from that site as well.

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