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What’s going on everyone my name is Matthew Alesci and I’m the owner of Horrorville. I started this blog when I was 19, now I’m currently 21, with an Associates Degree in New Media Technology, but will be attending Baruch College to obtain a Bachelors in Digital Communication. Enough about me though, you all are here for the blog. Horrorville is a site where a viewer can get horror movie reviews, top 5’s, and original vs new film comparisons.The goal is to target all those who love the horror movie genre, that allows them to feel like they’ve just found a sanctuary. As for non horror fans, my goal is to change your feelings and make you fall in love with this great genre. It doesn’t matter if you’re a horror fan or not, Horrorville is the place for you to find great movies to watch or which to avoid. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the blog!

50 comments on “About Horrorville

  1. It is nice. I like that even though you have a pictorial background, it doesn’t overwhelm you. That is a GOOD thing. Move the youtube widget down, unless that is your video or your connection to your youtube room. You want the “first view” of all your stuff. Categories on top, top posts as top widget probably. More effective. Make sense?

  2. Wasn’t sure if you had seen this. I watched it today on Facebook and thought that you might enjoy. Let me know. I won’t lie that I panicked for a few moments. Loved it.

      • Awesome, I look forward to it. It seems to be a film people love or hate. It worked perfectly for me, and still catches me out if I’m alone in the woods by myself!

      • The review is up, sadly I didn’t think it was that enjoyable. Thought the film was pretty decent. Wasn’t a movie for me. Sorry!

      • No worries dude, it’s a love or hp hate film. It’s fairly groundbreaking as it was the first proper found footage film, and had good online marketing that had people believing it was real. I suppose it’s more a psychological thriller than a balls out horror. I like that you don’t see the witch, it leaves more to your imagination, which to me is what a good horror should do. A bit like seeing the monster in Jeepers Creepers, as soon as you do, it’s is no longer scarey. Thanks for taking he time out to take a look though. Whatever you do, don’t watch the sequel…..it’s awful!

      • I did think that the found footage part was very cool and to be honest I really believed that the movie was based on a true story, had too look it up and saw that people were saying that they marketed this movie so well and had the viewers believing it was real. I do understand that it gives more of a mystery too it, just wish i could’ve seen the witch.

  3. Hi Matthew,

    Great blog. So well executed. Design. Graphics. Content. Writing. Your love and passion for the genre shines.

    And thanks for being so kind in liking my posts at This Is Your Library. Always a pleasure to see your interest and know of your visits.

    Fine, fine work. Kirby

  4. Hey man thanks for your feedback and suggestion! Believe it or not, your blog is actually a bit of an influence when I talk about horror movies in general or any film related with the genre. I actually had the perfect film for you and your followers to maybe take a look at: Braindead by Peter Jackson. I don’t know if you’ve already seen it or talked about it in one of your posts, but this is one of those rare cult films that makes me sad that others haven’t seen or maybe even heard of. Anyways, would love to see what you think of it!

  5. Thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says…come again, stay a while – have a drink even. I look forward to this blogging journey with you! Steve…

  6. Hi there.
    I was just wondering if you would be interested in reviewing my new indie horror feature before its upcoming World Premiere at our film festival in October.
    The trailer for The Blood Harvest is on our website at http://www.yellowfeverproductions.com and I have a private online screener if so.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    George Clarke

  7. Just randomly stumbled across this blog – greatest find ever! I’m obsessed with anything horror so this was a gem to come across! πŸ™‚

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