7 comments on “Alien (1979) Review

  1. I actually hated the first Alien, found it boring as all hell. The chest burster scene was the only part I liked. Aliens, though, that one rocks, and is in the upper half of my Top 50 Horror Films post.

  2. I think a majority of folks walk into Alien thinking its Aliens. There is not a lot of action, but tons of horror. The mood is grim and the acting above reproach. For folks who enjoy the bullets and blood, i recommend skipping Alien and move straight to Aliens. But if you enjoy the slow build of traditional horror, Alien should be your pick.

  3. See, I really prefer slow-burn horror that Alien did, and I really liked the time it took to understand the creature. Each to their own, and I know most people prefer the action-horror of Aliens, but Alien will always be my favourite. I haven’t watched any of the movies beyond 1 and 2 though… I should fix that.

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