14 comments on “The Purge (2013) Review

  1. Can’t say I agree. The storyline doesn’t have the depth of successful titles like The Conjuring and the scare tactics are so predictable and familiar that it just underpowers the villains

    Nice post btw!

  2. I actually enjoyed this one – if enjoy is the right word for a movie like this. Its biggest flaw was that it didn’t really leave the house. I wanted it to expand and it seems like the sequel did just that, which I haven’t seen yet, but plan to. Nice review.

  3. It’s one of those movies where I think the idea is better than the execution. The idea itself was enough to get me creeped out, so I enjoyed it, and the radio/news broadcast over the credits at the end was actually my favourite bit! Haven’t seen the sequel, but I reckon I should. Will you be reviewing that next?

  4. I kinda disagree with you on this, though I usually agree with your reviews. I just didn’t like the idea, it doesn’t appeal to me, since it will never, ever happen you know? Yeah, most horror films aren’t suppose to be about “real life scenarios”, but still, the idea doesn’t really work with the plot holes (why didn’t the family just give the bum away to them? Why were these rich cunts so obsessed with this ONE bum, they could have just gone out and found another bum to kill instead of wasting the day). But yeah, Hawke and ms. Lannister were pretty good in this. It did have potential to be a good, intelligent film, but it just isn’t subtle with it’s themes about economy and society’s decline. But fuck, I’m just pretentious hipster anyway so I’m probably wrong about this.

    Btw, have you seen the sequal? Is it any good?

    Franz from TWS

    • This one was okay, it could have been better. They didn’t give the man away in the end because they felt it was wrong (he didn’t deserve to die). The rich kids didn’t want to find another person cause they made that man their target, the man also killed one of their friends while they were trying to kill him. So they just really wanted to watch him die.
      Yes I did see the second one and i thought it was a great film. Check out my review on that!

      • Yeah, but still in a real life situation anybody would give the man to the kids, no question. But in a movie, I guess that’s believable.
        Yeah, I will check it out. Btw, what’s your favorite Christmas related horror film? I love the re-make of Black Christmas, ’cause it’s SO terrible. And I’ve heard the original is really good.

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