6 comments on “Top 5 Female Horror Movie Icons!!!

  1. Chelsea I’m so happy you had Ellen Ripley for your #1! People I know seem to forget that Alien is a survival horror movie, first and foremost. They tend to just slap it with scifi and get confused between it and the James Cameron sequel, which was definitely more of an action-scifi, less horror. But Alien WAS HORRIFIC and Ellen Ripley was the first mainstream female action hero (not counting the b-movies).

  2. I would have included Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of Carrie, and Angela Baker from the Sleepaway Camp series. And Nancy. I’d have to think about the last two.

  3. Glad to see Sidney Prescott and Ellen Ripley on the list. It’s too bad the quality of each series diminished with time, but that has more to do with the men making the films. 😉 Also, check out ‘You’re Next.’ It’s MUCH better than expected, and the lead character is a badass young woman!

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