5 comments on “The Walking Dead S05 E01″No Sanctuary”

  1. I enjoyed it, though I have an issue with some of the pacing. While I enjoyed the action and smaller character moments where we’re reminded that Rick and company are more human- or convincing themselves that they are- than the others, my only gripe is very minor: I feel that the reunion AND destruction of Terminus came too soon for just a single episode, particularly with how Season 4 built up to Terminus. It could have spread over two episodes, but that’s a very minor issue. Also, given how much of a survival instinct these people I have, I never felt they were in any real danger at all, despite the false scares. Nothing that took away from my enjoyment of the premiere. Hoping that since we got a little insight on Terminus that we eventually come back to it. I am glad Morgan reappeared, given how he does stick around with Rick’s group in the comic as well.

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