14 comments on “Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) Review

  1. Nice Review, but i a fan of the original and its modern Gothic horror look, i always felt like this was forced in the hack em slash em genre though

  2. Caught this in theatres back in the day. I remember liking it well enough, but found the director’s decision to have his high school basketball team trot around without shirts to be rather distasteful, given his past. A third film, a prequel set in the Wild West, was announced at the time, but never materialized. After more than a decade, it might be moving forward: http://www.upcominghorrormovies.com/movie/jeepers-creepers-3-cathedral

    Might have to revisit this series soon.

  3. I wish the Creeper could have a string of movies like Freddy or Jason, he deserves it – creepy. Have you seen Wishmaster? I thought the Djinn in that one also worked well as a new horror monster.

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