10 comments on “Top 5 Horror TV Shows!!!

  1. Nice! My top 5 would have to be…

    Buffy / Angel (cheating, I know, but shh :-p )
    Forever Knight
    Blood Ties

    They’re not in order. I have so much trouble putting stuff in order, hehe

  2. Great lists! Glad to see supernatural and goosebumps got a mention. But what about American Horror Story? 3 excellent seasons now of wonderfully creepy stories!

    • I have only seen one season of American Horror story, can’t stand watching it week by week and haven’t had time to marathon the rest of the seasons

      • You really could just watch one season as they’re each ‘standalone’. I personally think that Asylum is the best (it starts out very silly but THE ENDING! wow) but the other ones are good fun too. There’d be no trouble if you just wanted to watch the season that interests you rather than marathon-ing the whole thing.

      • i will get round to watching them in time, i think i did watch season one in a day, so i would like to do similar with the other season as the Freakshow really looks like i want to watch it

  3. They’re all great lists. I’m so impressed Darren has Goosebumps in his 🙂

    I’ve been a hardcore Buffy fan for years though, so that would always take my vote! My top 5 would be (off the top of my head)

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    2. Hammer House of Horror
    3. The League of Gentlemen (yeah it’s a comedy, but it’s based around horror movies!)
    4. Eerie Indiana (I LOVED this show when I was younger!)
    5. The Walking Dead (though I’ve gone off it a bit now, each series has deteriorated a little bit, in my opinion)

  4. I am an obsessed Walking Dead Fan, but I have always appreciated a good Horror Series. Growing up my parents were a little concerned with me as a six year old who loved watching old episodes of Tales from the Darkside, Dark Shadows and of course Twilight Zone and many more. I love all the list, and yes even ones with animated shows.

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