11 comments on “Psycho (1998) Review

  1. I loved the fact that it is a shot-by-shot recreation. It’s a really interesting concept…updating a movie with current actors/actresses and more modern cinematic elements, while leaving everything else the same. Awesome.

    • I agree, it’s a method that could be done more often, especially when so many remakes seem to screw up by ‘re-imagining’ things (more like de-imagining). But I’m surprised they didn’t update the kill scene. If there was one thing a more recent remake of psycho should do, is use the current technology to create a more realistic and maybe more psychotic kill.

  2. I am a tried and true fan of the original so anything like this will give me pause. I couldn’t stand it the first time I saw it because I kept comparing the two. You make me want to go back and re-watch the remake. Maybe this time I can separate the two and enjoy this one for what it is. Nice review.

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