One comment on “Underworld : Rise of the Lycans (2009)

  1. Heh. I admit that vampire/werewolf movies always have appealed to me, but especially this franchise. It started out with the screenwriter (The big, intimidating Raze from the first film, Kevin UnpronouncableFrenchname, Grevioux?) starting to write the script with a subtext towards interracial dating.
    Obviously, things got out of hand fast. I agree that this movie has some enjoyable transformations scenes, decent fight scenes (I still wonder why Lucian didn’t dot his ‘I’s and cross his ‘T’s’ when it came to killing Viktor, seems like a big thing to overlook and it came back to…BITE HIM…big time in the sequels) and speaking of Viktor, huge, entire farms full of HAM. Bill Nighy’s scenery chewing ability is legendary for good reason: you can see parts of the sets stuck between his prosthetics when he makes a pronouncement.
    Keep those reviews coming, I’m loving your style 🙂


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