15 comments on “Guest Blogging?

  1. I’d love to write up some reviews for your blog. I’m always looking to build on my portfolio as a writer and horror movies are right up my alley. If you’d like to check out some of my work, my blog is heatherlovesthings.com . I am also a regular contributor for swordandscale.com . Let me know what you think!

    – Heather

  2. I’m really interested in guest blogging here, passionate about horror and while admittedly reviews aren’t something I’ve done many of before this would probably help me get a lot better, I’d seriously enjoy it if I were considered! Cheers.

    • You’re my main guy Chris, you’re not even a guest blogger anymore, you’re Horrorville’s partner! School’s coming back unfortunately, need all the help we can get. :/.

  3. I would be interested in guest blogging, i would like to help spread my opinions on films, i have some horror films lined up for my site (The loved Ones, Crawlspace, Rite To Spring, Fear, The Fog Remake, Jeepers Creepers, a Halloween Weekend, Alone in the Dark, Black Waters of Echo Pond, Captivity, Grindstone Road, Scary of Die, The Borderlands, Day of the Dead remake, Frankenstein’s Army, The Barrens. but would like to ask a few questions before hand

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