7 comments on “My Top 5 Horror movie Franchises!!

  1. Oh man, I’d hafta replace Child’s Play and Scream with Hellraiser and Phantasm. All great films though 🙂

    • You may want to kill me after this, but I’ve actually never seen a film from either of those franchises. They are on my to watch list, but I mainly grew up loving these franchises. What would be your top 5 then?!!

      • I’d put Phantasm on top, just because they freaked me out so bad as a kid. Then Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare, and Hellraiser last(because the first two and the fourth were brilliant, but the rest…ehhhh)

  2. Nice list, i always pick the ‘Of the Dead’ franchise for my number one and would like to see the Hatchet films break into the greats one day

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