14 comments on “The Blair Witch Project (1999) Review

  1. No worries dude, it’s a love or hate film. It’s fairly groundbreaking as it was one of the first proper found footage films, and had good online marketing that had people believing it was real. I suppose it’s more a psychological thriller than a balls out horror. I like that you don’t see the witch, it leaves more to your imagination, which to me is what a good horror should do. A bit like seeing the monster in Jeepers Creepers, as soon as you do, it’s is no longer scarey. Thanks for taking he time out to take a look though. Whatever you do, don’t watch the sequel…..it’s awful!

    • I did think that the found footage part was very cool and to be honest I really believed that the movie was based on a true story, had too look it up and saw that people were saying that they marketed this movie so well and had the viewers believing it was real. I do understand that it gives more of a mystery too it, just wish i could’ve seen the witch.

  2. I have actually a question for you (I did watch the movie and like you I was 50/50. Some parts reeeeally bored me, others made me reach for a pillow and hide). But the question is: do you usually watch the movie again before blogging about it? Or do you blog from memory?

  3. I was really unimpressed with this movie, but that was probably from bias with everyone telling me how good it was. I guess it all depends on whether the film succeeds in getting inside your head. For me, I was bored the whole time. Which is a shame, because I prefer horror movies that are more haunting than gory, and that’s basically the film’s premise – it’s about this elusive witch, not the kids getting cut up. Definitely one of the movies that I felt I should have liked.

    • I absolutely agree, thought this would be a movie I would be into. I’m disappointed because I heard good and bad things about it so I wasn’t sure what to expect, was hoping for the good, but the movie just wasn’t for me.

  4. Yes, agree, the movie wasn’t for me either…made my husband
    take me to see it when it came out, and surprised he ever
    went to another movie with me. I wanted to see that damn
    witch too…LOL!

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